Ghana ranks 4th places to visit in 2019 by CNN

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Overview of Tourism in Ghana
June 5, 2019
Year of Return 2019
June 5, 2019

Ghana ranks 4th places to visit in 2019 by CNN

Accra city tour

Accra city tour

CNN Travel recently realized 19 most sorts after destinations in the world.

Fourth on the list is Ghana, a country with some of the world’s most diverse culture and amazing tourist sites.

Ghana, the first African country to gain independence in 1957 poised with economic success and political stability is hoping to trade up to its tourism status for 2019, with a campaign targeting the African diaspora whose ancestors were victims of the brutal slave trade of centuries gone by.

Ghana’s ‘Year of Return’ marks 400 years since the first enslaved Africans arrived in North America.

It’s a sombre recognition of the evil that befell Ghana’s past inhabitants and their descendants — and the strength with which they’ve faced it.

“Atrocities of the transatlantic slave trade are unavoidable. Cape Coast Castle, built by the British in 1665 with the main purpose of holding enslaved Africans before being dispatched to America and the Caribbean.”

“This brutal and fascinating reminder was visited by the Obamas in 2009 and Melania Trump in 2018.”
For all the sobriety of this anniversary, what also awaits visitors to Ghana is the warm, intoxicating embrace of a country completely at ease with its identity rushing headlong towards a bright future.

In July 2018, ‘CNN And Be Ghana’, a video documentary on Ghana’s slave castles was aired on CNN’s programme, Inside Africa.

In one month, the video went on air globally, with about 5,416,000 people watching it, many of them seeing it more than once.

The documentary was part of a campaign by the government of Ghana to market the country as a tourism destination. With so much to offer, Ghana is poised as a tourist destination to take advantage of its diverse culture and history to offer the unprecedented experience to tourist wanting to visit Ghana.

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