The top 10 reasons to visit Ghana

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June 10, 2019
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June 15, 2019

The top 10 reasons to visit Ghana

#1 Friendly People

Ghana is considered by many as the island of peace and for that reason gives individuals so many reasons to visit Ghana. Welcome to a land where you are met with a smile, greeted with a smile, assisted with a smile and where everyone is willing to help, teach you one of the over 20 Ghanaian languages or even give you a local name within minutes. Ghanaians are considered  to be very generous people and as such show soo much love to foreigners visiting the country either for tourism or business

#2 Proverbial Traditional Ghanaian Hospitality

Visiting Ghana, one will hear  AKWAABA,  which means welcome is an expression you will hear several times daily as you travel around Ghana, one that will ring in your ears at night, and bring a smile to your face for weeks after you leave.

#3 Cultural Tourism is our heartbeat

From arrival to departure, you are surrounded by the unique and very diverse cultures of Ghana. There are so many ways to experience the culture of the people of Ghana and this can be through the numerous festivals such as Homowo which is celebrated by the indigenes of Accra, Aboakyir which is also celebrated by the people of Efutu in Winneba in the central region of Ghana. These festivals are usually celebrated during the last quarter of the year and the best time to witness this festival is during the latter part of the year.

#4 Highly diversified tourism resource base

From Historical to heritage tourism you have 32 castles dotted along the coast to choose from, from nature to adventure you have beautiful rocky and sandy beaches as well as mountains and forests to hike. These castles and forts give a very vivid narration of the transatlantic slave trade. Music festivals for the past 5 years have been a major draw of tourists to the country with Afrochella now Afro Future and Afro Nation being the most popular.

#5 Natural Beauty

Ghana’s picturesque landscape is beautiful to behold. From mountain peaks to valley lows through the gargantuan Afram Plains.   From Wli waterfall which happens to be the tallest waterfall in West Africa to the Kakum National Park with the Canopy walkway being the most popular activity at the park gives a breathtaking experience of Ghana. Traveling from North to South or vice versa is an unforgettable experience. The forests, mangroves, grassland, and rivers always keep your eye busy.

#6 Peaceful and stable

Ghana has been the most peaceful and stable country in sub-Saharan Africa but on the tenets of “Freedom and Justice” which permeates all we do and has become the envy of others. Ghana has never experienced civil war throughout its history and  is considered to be the most peaceful country in West Africa and the 2nd most peaceful country in Africa according to Global Peace Index in Sub-Saharan Africa as of 2021

#7 Home Away From Home

Ghana has been a home for many people in the diaspora as well as many others who wish to settle down away from their original counties. Ghana has a large community of African Americans as it gives citizenship to individuals of African origin citizenship after a successful stay in the country for a minimum of five years

#8 Unique Traditional and Social Events

From January to December, you have an event to partake in. New Year Concerts and Music Festivals, Valentine Chocolate Festival, Easter Paragliding, Bridal Festival, PANAFEST & Emancipation, and Monthly Traditional Festivals to participate in that will leave you with lifetime memories.

#9 Sea Sun and Sand to enjoy

The tropical Ghanaian climate offers one the opportunity to enjoy our beaches at all times, partake in outdoor events,

#10 Sustainable Tourism

Ghana practices sustainable tourism by encouraging non-mass tourism to preserve protected areas as well as the environment.


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