Repatriation to Ghana

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Repatriation to Ghana

Ghana has been called by many Africans in the diaspora as their home and as such many would like to repatriate to Ghana but are often faced with the dilemma of how to start the repatriation process?. This article seeks to address some of the most questions asked by Africans in the diaspora who wants to repatriate to Ghana. First of all, Ghana provides citizenship to Africans in the diaspora and this has been in the Immigration Act in 1996 which is also referred to as the “Right to Abode” Act, pertains to people of African descent living in the Diaspora (primarily the United States and the Caribbean, although all people of African descent are included)  provides them with the opportunity to obtain Ghanaian citizenship while retaining their current citizenship. It was upon this act that about 100 African Americans were granted citizenship during the 2019 Year of Return.

Before planning to settle in Ghana, one must first visit the country and know which part of the country he/she would like to stay, Greater Accra Region and Ashanti Region are the two most preferred regions to stay because of the social and economic activities at these places. After the decision on where to stay the next question that comes to mind is the issue of how to survive in Ghana economically. Opening a business in Ghana is the best way for people who wants to repatriate to Ghana, one can engage in businesses like real estate, tourism, hotel business, and restaurant just to mention a few. It is the most recommended way to survive economically in Ghana since finding a job is Ghana is not that easy considering the number of unemployed people in the country.

Accommodation, having a place to stay is the most important thing but having decent accommodation can be challenging especially if one does not know where and how to get it. Having a real estate agent to get your accommodation is the best and prices vary from each location within the country. To get a decent two-bedroom fully furnished an individual may pay somewhere around USD$500 depending on the location. One may also opt to buy a land a build-in Ghana as it is legal for a foreigner to own land in Ghana. Such lands could be acquired through a real estate agent, individuals or the chief of that particular town, and again prices vary but on average around USD$3,500 can get you one plot of land which will be leased to you for 99 years. These are only a few of the many questions one may have in the process of repatriating to Ghana, contact Eyali Tours for more answers to your questions and for individuals that also want to visit the country

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