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Kwahu Paragliding in Ghana 2024



Kwahu is a popular destination for weekend paragliding, due to its proximity to Accra and the excellent conditions for the activity. Visitors can plan a weekend trip to Kwahu and participate in paragliding activities on both Saturday and Sunday.

Eyali tours organize trips on weekends from Accra to Kwahu for paragliding sessions. Visitors can go on tandem flights with experienced pilots tandem flights and they are a great option for first-time paragliders or those who want to experience the thrill of paragliding without committing to a full training course.

There are also several paragliding tour operators in Kwahu that offer weekend packages, which include accommodation, transportation, and paragliding activities. These packages can be customized to suit individual preferences and budgets.

It’s important to note that paragliding is an activity that is highly dependent on weather conditions and it’s important to check the weather forecast before planning a weekend trip.

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