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June 4, 2019
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June 5, 2019
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2-Day Birding Tour in Ghana: Explore the Rich Avian Diversity


Overnight in a comfortable tree house in Kakum National Park, permitting extended hiking and birding as well as a private experience on the canopy walkway in the early morning to witness the rainforest canopy before the crowds arrive. Also includes a visit to a stingless bee facility, a Posuban shrine, and the World Heritage Site of Cape Coast castle.

Day 1
Scenic drive along the coast, passing lagoons, beaches, villages & forests. Visit a stingless bee facility before arriving at Kakum National Park. Kakum is Ghana’s most significant birding park, with over 266 species including white-breasted guinea fowl, African grey parrot, and nine species of hornbill. Enjoy a two-hour trail hike on the forest floor, where you will see birds, butterflies and perhaps catch a glimpse of the forest’s secretive mammals.
Continue to the Kakum tree house, where the platform presents unique viewing.

Day 2
Morning visit to the canopy the walkway before the park opens to experience the walkway without the crowds. There are 7 segments, totalling 360 meters in length. At 40 meters high, this is the best opportunity to view the upper and lower canopies.
Take an extended ground hike for lower-story and ground-dwelling species. The Sun Bird Trail allows you to experience 3 different ecosystems: rainforest, a secondary forest and pond environment.
Depart Kakum and tour historic Cape Coast castle and a short visit to the beach. Visit an extravagant Posuban shrine along the return drive to Accra.
Drop at a location of your choice in Accra.
Contact us for the detailed itinerary which can be customised just for you!


Ghana is a birdwatcher’s paradise, with over 700 species of birds recorded in the country. Our 2-day  birding tour in Ghana is designed to take you to the best birding spots in Ghana and give you a chance to see some of the country’s most beautiful and rare birds up close. Our 2-day  birding tour in Ghana is the perfect way to explore the country’s rich avian diversity and experience its natural beauty

From rare and endemic species to migratory birds, Ghana offers a unique birding experience that’s hard to find anywhere else in the world. With experienced guides and comfortable accommodations, you’ll have a memorable birding experience that you’ll never forget. Join us today and discover Ghana’s birding wonders! Book your birding tour in Ghana NOW!!

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